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Facility Terms, Conditions and Rental Rates


Full Field Rates Half Field Rates
Hourly Rate $50 Hourly Rate $30
Hourly Non Profit Rate $40 Hourly Rate $25
Weekday Full Field Rates (ending by 5:00 pm) Weekday Half Field Rates (ending by 5:00 pm)
Hourly Rate $25 Hourly Rate $15
Hourly Non Profit Rate $20 Hourly Rate $12
U6 Soccer Field Rental Rates (ending by 6:00 pm) Lighting Rates (as needed)
Hourly Rate $8 Hourly Rate $10
Exclusive Facility Rental Rates
4 hour minimum Rental Required Hourly Rate $175
4 hour minimum Rental Required Non Profit Hourly Rate $155
Conference Room Rental Rate
4 hour minimum Rental Required Hourly Rate $10

Billable hours for events/games will start at least 1hr. prior to scheduled start time and commence through ½ hr. past projected end time, depending on when access is needed to the facility.


  • All field rentals must be paid in full to finalize the reservation. Any rental times that have not been paid for can be given to another interested party. Park staff will first endeavor to contact the original rental party before doing so in an attempt to collect immediate payment.
  • Any party wishing to book the Redding Soccer Park exclusively for an event must pay a 25% deposit based on the estimated rental amount to reserve the field/facility time.  The deposit is refundable up to 30 days prior to scheduled event. The entire rental fee must be paid in full 30 days prior to scheduled event, or the reservation time will be re-opened to other parties. 
  • A damage deposit is also required with a Visa, Master Card, Discover Card, or American Express number. The card is not charged unless damages occur or fields are not found to be in satisfactory condition.  Checks or cash will not be accepted for damage deposits.
  • All persons aged 13 and older entering the facility are required to pay a per day entrance fee of $3.00 for non-tournament activities and $4.00 for tournaments.  Coaches and players listed on official team rosters are admitted free of charge.


  • There will be no refunds of field rental fees for any practice, game, tournament, camp or clinic, or any other use of Redding Soccer Park fields/facilities unless the fields/facilities have been deemed unusable due to maintenance, repairs, or safety concerns by Park staff or the fields have been deemed unplayable by the referee officiating a game.  Rental fees from any other voluntary postponement and/or rescheduling are not credited to the new time slot and will require an additional rental fee.


The following conditions must be met prior to approval of your application and confirmation of your reservation.

  • Insurance is to be placed with insurers with current A.M. Best’s rating of not less than “A-.“
  • The named insured must be the same as the organization applying for use of Redding Soccer Park.
  • The current policy dates must include the dates requested on the application.
  • The certificate must state that participation in activity is not an excluded event.
  • All certificates require form CG-2026 or its equivalent to be attached to the certificate.
  • The certificate must name each of the following as “Additional Insured”:
    Shasta Regional Soccer Association, dba Redding Soccer Park
    9800 Old Oregon Trail, Redding, CA 96003
    City of Redding
    777 Cypress Avenue, Redding, CA 96001
  • The coverage shall provide the following minimum limits:
    General Aggregate...............................$2,000,000
    Personal & Adv Injury..........................$1,000,000
    Each Occurrence..................................$1,000,000


  • No skates of any kind, skateboards, or bicycles can be used while inside the Redding Soccer Park.
  • No golf carts or other similar motorized vehicles will be permitted to be used on any portion of the complex without the written approval of Redding Soccer Park management.
  • No outside food or drink (including coffee) is allowed to be brought into the Redding Soccer Park except for team drinks and snacks (no sunflower seeds).  A full service concession is available during games, as well as a coffee bar during morning games.
  • Applicants using Redding Soccer Park are responsible for compliance with all local, county and state laws, ordinances and regulations.
  • The applicant shall not discriminate on account of race, sex, religion, color, national origin, ancestry, sexual orientation or age, in the employment of persons, use of facilities or participants associated with its programs, and shall comply with all requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act.
  • The Redding Soccer Park management reserves the right to cancel or change the hours of an event due to inclement weather or other conditions that it believes may be harmful to the participants or the complex.
  • The Redding Soccer Park management reserves the right to assign fields that are not in use to other groups to ensure full usage of the Park unless the applicant has rented the facility exclusively.
  • The Redding Soccer Park management reserves the right to remove or have removed any person that engages in inappropriate lan­guage, actions or activity that is deemed to be a breach of public peace or the enjoyment of the Park by others.
  • Redding Soccer Park reserves the right to refuse rental or other services to anyone.
  • No vending or distribution of any products or merchandise or the selling of tickets or the solicitation for any reason will be allowed on Redding Soccer Park grounds without the approval of Park management.
  • Authori­zation to decorate or hang signs must first be obtained from Park management.
  • No group or organization will be allowed to store or allow materials to remain after its event; any cost incurred to remove this material will be deducted from their deposit or invoice sent to the organization.
  • The applicant shall have the sole responsibility of managing and supervising its soccer games, practices, tournaments, camps and clinics, and other events to be conducted at Redding Soccer Park.  The applicant shall have the sole responsibility for the safety of participants, spectators and players, including the clearing of the fields in the event of lightning or other inclement weather condition.
  • After each event the applicant shall leave the Redding Soccer Park in the same condition as the fields and complex were in at the beginning of the event.  If the applicant fails to remove any equipment or other property after an event, the Park shall have the right to remove such equipment or property and dispose of at its own discretion.  The applicant shall also be responsible for any damage to Redding Soccer Park caused by the applicant or any member of its event. Chewing gum is not allowed on the fields and pop-up tents cannot be staked into the turf.
  • Redding Soccer Park reserves and retains all naming rights and all rights and privileges for sponsorships, advertising and promotion of Redding Soccer Park.  In the event that this agreement relates to the scheduling of a tournament, camp or clinic, the applicant shall provide to Redding Soccer Park the name of the sponsor and other information as may be requested by Redding Soccer Park at the time of signing this agreement.  Event sponsorships will be permitted unless it/they conflicts with any other sponsorships of Redding Soccer Park.
  • Redding Soccer Park reserves the right to make changes to our rental policies